Together We Make a Stand Towards Diving Safety

MSDA and DAN World Announce Collaboration to Promote Diving Safety

DAN World and the Malaysia Scuba Diving Association (MSDA) have announced a joint mission to improve safety in the recreational diving community.

The health and safety of divers is vital for the industry to flourish and for international divers to choose Malaysia as their diving destination.

“As the world’s most recognised dive safety organisation, DAN has a wealth of experience, and we will work closely with the MSDA to target safety issues of significance to Malaysia,” said DAN World Regional Manager Mel Cefai.

MSDA Vice President Ness Puvanes said, “Diving safety is critical for our industry to thrive as we emerge from the pandemic and working with DAN to leverage their expertise is essential for our local diving community and for international divers to have confidence when diving in Malaysia.”

In the months ahead, DAN and the MSDA will undertake various initiatives including raising awareness of the new DAN Emergency Hotline for Malaysia, which is led by a team of four dive-medicine-trained doctors based in Malaysia.

Together we will identify key safety issues and will run targeted campaigns to address those issues. “We are pleased to be working with the MSDA as an important step on the path to diving safety,” said Cefai. “Together we will make a meaningful difference in the community through targeted programs and strategies.”

DAN 24/7 Emergency Hotline – Within Malaysia – 015 4600 0109


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